By default, levelling is disabled in your server but you can enable it by running the command: levels unlock which will allow experience gains for members.

To view server configuration, run levels configuration and make sure you have the required permission that is manage_guild - as well for other leveling commands as most of them are administrator only.

Server setup

Ignoring channels and roles

The first thing you should immediately do is review what kind of channels or roles that you do not want gaining experience. If you would like to ignore a channel like any spamming commands or want to ignore members with a certain role then run the following commands:

//ignore channel
levels ignore #spam

//ignore role
levels ignore @jailed

And of course, if you don't know how to remove the restrictions, just run the same command again! To view a list of ignored channels and roles, run the following command: levels list

Configuring level roles

The first thing you should immediately know before setting up your level roles is knowing if you would like to stack level roles for every member or not. By default, stacking roles is enabled - so if you want to change this, you can do levels stackroles off.

If leveling was already enabled in your server, you can use levels sync to update everyone's member roles so that everyone is up to date!

Now, to add a level role or remove a level role, run the following commands:

//add level role
levels add @Level-one 1

/remove level role
levels remove @Level-one 1

And that's it! Members will start gaining experience and level up overtime. If you want to double check or see how much progress left until you unlock a certain level role, you can run: levels roles. Of course, to view the competition (view highest ranking members), run: levels leaderboard.

Level messages!

Level messages are set to private message members letting them know that they just leveled up, but you can make this change by choosing where you want level messages to go. To do this, run the command:

levels messagemode (type), but you should know the modes that are allowed which are listed below:




Direct level messages to the channel mentioned


Direct level messages to member active channel


Direct level messages to member's messages


Entirely disable level messages

Once you got that all figured out, you're now ready to customize your level up message which you can do by running the following command: levels message (text or embed code). However, you should definitely review what variables are available for the level up messages by visiting this page:


Now that you understand everything, your level system is ready to go!

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