antinuke bot & member whitelisting


If you enable antinuke botadd, new bots will not be allowed to join without being whitelisted to join. This is done to prevent any bots that can nuke faster than the usual threat who removes items manually as opposed to sending requests to the Discord API pruning channels faster than a human can.

Member whitelisting is done to exempt members from triggering the antiraid in servers such as other owners or people that server owner has trust in to whitelist. You should know very clearly: whitelisting a member means entirely making the bot clueless to that member nuking - so if a whitelisted member goes rogue and nukes your server, it isn't anybody's fault but yours for putting trust in the wrong person.

If you want to whitelist a bot to join or a member, you can view at the bottom of this page for examples.

Bots that are removed by the antiraid system will be stated in the bot's removal reason.

Usage examples

//antinuke botadd to prevent new bot additions
antinuke botadd on

//whitelist a bot to join
antinuke whitellist (the bot's id)

//whitelist a member from triggering the antiraid system
antinuke whitelist (the member's id)

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