Bot modules

What are bot modules?

A bot module is a group of commands that fall under the same category (file). For an example, lastfm is a module that contains commands such as lastfm set, lastfm tar, lastfm tab, and more - so disabling this lastfm module would disable all of those related commands at once instead of individually disabling each command under that module, which is time consuming when you can do it all at once.
Enabling a specific command that falls under a disabled module will still result in the enabled command not working because disabled modules override enabled commands. Your only solution to this is enabling the disabled module for the specific enabled commands to work

How can I see what module a command belongs to?

You can do this by running help (command name here) which will show you the module that the command belongs to on the footer of the embed as seen in the following screenshot:

How can I enable or disable modules?

All modules are enabled for you by default - to change this, simply run the following commands:
//enable a module
enablemodule #general lastfm
enablemodule all lastfm​
//disable a module
disablemodule #general lastfm
disablemodule all lastfm

List of modules available

Command Example
lastfm tar
covid graph
Modules that are not listed above are not able to be enabled or disabled
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What are bot modules?
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How can I enable or disable modules?
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