Bot updates

Any changes to the bot are recorded here.

April 22nd, 2024

  • A large amount of simple commands (e.g xbox afk and anime) have been additionally added as slash commands.

  • Users now get direct messaged by bleed when they are timed out.

  • Added invoke timeout message

  • Added invoke timeout dm

February 29th, 2024

  • The lockignore command is now lock ignore

  • Added the {} variable

  • The txid command now supports ethereum transactions

  • Both filter add and filter remove have been readded, along with the new addition of filter regex and filter whitelist. These all directly manage filtered words / phrases within the built in Discord automod system.

  • lastfm set has been replaced with lastfm login

  • Added kick feeds

  • Added voicemaster status

  • Added modstats

  • Added makemp3

  • Bug fixes on Bleed

  • Bug fixes on Bleed Vanity

January 17th, 2024

  • Added boosterrole limit

  • Added boosterrole base (makes more sense instead of settings baserole)

  • Added more in depth role command usage, +/-

  • Configured settings for a channel will stay after using nuke

  • Added cashapp

  • Added timeout list

  • Added roblox outfits

  • Added roblox template

  • Readded pinsearch

  • Added vm default name for new VoiceMaster channels. This command supports only two variables being {user} and {} as these are the only necessary variables needed.

VoiceMaster command structure has been changed for a few commands.

  • vm defaultregion -> vm default region

  • vm defaultrole -> vm default role

  • vm defaultbitrate -> vm default bitrate

January 1st, 2024

  • General command structure changes:

    • settings invokebanmsg -> invoke ban msg

    • settings bandm -> invoke ban dm

    • settings welcome add -> welcome add

    • settings goodbye add -> goodbye add

    • settings lockignore add -> lockignore add

    • settings boosts add -> boosts add

  • Full depreciation of word filters (We reccomend you use discords automod instead)

  • The two bleed vanity bots have been merged into one, and it is now verified allowing customers to invite the bot whenever. There is no longer a 100 server cap for the bot.

March 1st, 2023

  • Added pinsearch

  • Added role hoist

February 2nd, 2023

  • Added bumpreminder autoclean

  • Added bumpreminder autolock

  • Added bumpreminder channel

  • Added bumpreminder config

  • Added bumpreminder message

  • Added bumpreminder thankyou

  • Added bumpreminder thankyou view

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed afk not working sometimes

Early February - December 21, 2022

New additions / Changes

  • Added birthday

  • Added birthday set

  • Added birthday set none

  • Added birthday list

  • Added bleed (grailed link) to embed grailed listings

  • Added bleed ( link) to embed clips

  • Added bleed (pinterest link) to embed pinterest pins

  • Added bleed (reddit link) to embed reddit videos

  • Added bleed (streamable link) to embed streamable clips

  • Added bleed (tumblr link) to embed tumblr videos

  • Added boosterrole award to award boosters with a specific role

  • Added boosterrole award remove

  • Added boosterrole award view

  • Added boosterrole cleanup

  • Added counter to display total members / total server boosters as channels / categories

  • Added character to search anime characters via MyAnimeList

  • Added emoji many to add multiple emotes via one message

  • Added forcenickname

  • Added forcenickname list

  • Added fortniteshop

  • Added gas to check Ethereum gas prices

  • Added hide

  • Added newusers to check recently joined members

  • Added makegif for tier 2 / legacy donators

  • Added lego to lego-ify images

  • Added levels message view

  • Added lookup to search discrims / usernames / full tags

  • Added purge before

  • Added purge between

  • Added purge after

  • Added purge startswith

  • Added purge endswith

  • Added --reply flag to autoresponder

  • Added roblox to check roblox profiles

  • Added role restore

  • Added sticker cleanup

  • Added sticker tag

  • Added search for moderationhistory actions

  • Added settings boost view

  • Added settings stickymessage add

  • Added settings stickymessage remove

  • Added settings stickymessage view

  • Added splash

  • Added the ability to customize messages when banning/kicking/etc a member

  • Added the ability for donators to add buttons on lastfm embeds

  • Added the ability for donators to add a singular reaction on lastfm embeds

  • Added the ability for donators to remove reactions from lastfm embeds by doing lastfm customreactions off

  • Added the ability to queue other user's music by mentioning them with sp queue

  • Added the ability to play other user's music by mentioning them with sp play

  • Added timezone list

  • Added timezone set none

  • Added transparent for tier 2 / legacy donators

  • Added tts ch as a way to use text to speech in voice channels

  • Added voicemaster transfer

  • Added unhide

  • Added unpin to unpin messages

  • Added uwuify

  • Added valorant to check valorant profiles

  • Added voicemaster defaultrole to give a role to member everytime they join a voicemaster channel

  • Added {button} variable to embeds

  • Added {date.timestamp} variable to embeds

  • Added {date.utc_timestamp} variable to embeds

  • Added {guild.created_at_timestamp} variable to embeds

  • Added {user.boost_since_timestamp} variable to embeds

  • Added {user.created_at_timestamp} variable to embeds

  • Added {user.joined_at_timestamp} variable to embeds

  • Added {user.role_text_list} variable to embeds

  • Removed antinuke setvanity due to discord removing bots ability to change vanities

  • Reworked settings welcome list to only allow two welcome / goodbye messages

  • role humans doesn't check for pending state on members

  • Reworked the --self_destruct parameter

    • increased the minimum time to 6 seconds

  • autoresponder trigger minimum character limit changed to 2

  • Commands that used reactions will now use buttons instead

  • starboard will now embed videos instead of linking to it

  • purge will no longer return errors if the message's older than 14 days

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed instagram reposting

  • Fixed serverinfo

  • Fixed reddit reposting

  • Fixed pinterest reposting

  • Fixed minor bugs

  • Improved bot latency

January 27, 2022

New additions / Changes

  • lockdown will now deny any permissions for creating/sending messages to threads

  • Added role humans to mass-add roles to humans

  • Added role humans remove to mass-remove roles from humans

  • Added role bots to mass-add roles to bots

  • Added role bots remove to mass-remove roles from bots

  • Added --delete flag to autoresponder add to delete the original message that triggered the autoresponder

  • Added autoresponder role

  • Added autoresponder channel

  • Instagram posts using bleed (ig link here) are now paginated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an Instagram error

  • Fixed {user.color} variable

  • Fixed pagination bugs

January 4, 2022

New additions / Changes

  • Added lastfm customcommand remove to forcefully remove a custom FM alias from a member

  • Added --not_strict flag to autoresponder add so triggers are not forced to match the exact content of a message and can instead be triggered based off a keyword in the message content

  • Added ignore_command_check flag to autoresponder add to make a specific auto responder trigger even if it is a bot command (e.g. lastfm overview)

  • Added a new interface channel for VoiceMaster, it will be created upon voicemaster setup (run voicemaster reset first if already configured)

  • Added support for new URLs for TikTok reposting

  • Members who have the administrator permission can no longer bypass any restricted command checks

Bug fixes

  • Fixed {timestamp} not syncing with Discord clients

  • Fixed {user.join_position} and {user.join_position_suffix} variable

  • Fixed a bug where autoresponder reset wouldn't clear the auto responder cache for the server the command is ran in

  • Fixed a bug where createembed would error if used in a thread

December, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added prune stickers

  • Added timezone with tz as an alias

  • Added timezone set (location)

  • Added emoji rename

  • Added boosterrole icon

  • Added role icon

  • Added sticker add

  • Added sticker rename

  • Added sticker remove

  • Bot updated to a new library

  • Added thread support (bot commands work under threads now)

  • Muted users will no longer be able to create threads

  • Mutes now work for threads, but you can't directly mute in a thread due to a discord limitation, so you will have to mute them for the channel which the thread is under

  • Support added for new Instagram URLs

  • Added variable {user.guild_avatar}

  • Added variable {user.display_avatar}

  • Command userinfo embed design/layout redesigned

  • Private messages sent to users will have a button indicating where the message originated from if the message/embed layout was customized

Bug fixes

  • Fixed roles not returning upon unjail (jailroles feature)

  • Fixed Twitch notifications

  • Fixed Twitch clip reposting

  • Fixed Instagram reposting

  • Fixed a bug where bleed would trigger the typing indicator indefinitely

  • Fixed a bug with joindm, bandm, etc where messages wouldn't send due to the server name exceeding the character limit for buttons

  • Fixed timezone set not properly saving

November, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added voicemaster config (to see current channel information)

  • Added weheartit for profile lookups

  • Added spotify login

  • Added spotify shuffle

  • Added spotify logout

  • Added spotify pause

  • Added spotify next

  • Added spotify queue

  • Added spotify resume

  • Added spotify play

  • Added spotify previous

  • Added spotify device

  • Added spotify device list

  • Added spotify seek

  • Added spotify volume

  • Added spotify repeat

  • Timed mutes added globally

  • guildbanner will now work for .gif banners

  • sp alias for sptrack removed in favor of the new Spotify commands being made

  • New error messages added for not being able to run commands if you're not server owner or antinuke admin

  • membercount command will no longer show how many messages were sent daily

  • Memory optimization for antinuke

Bug fixes

  • Instagram functions fixed once again

  • Fixed a timed mute bug

  • Fixed a Twitter streaming bug

  • Fixed a YouTube shorts bug

  • subscribe command bug fixed and other minor bug fixes

  • jaillist command fixed & history remove fixed

October, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added serveravatar

  • Added twitch reposting

    • the event to disable it is twitch, so de (all or #channel) twitch

  • Auto-mod punishment jail will now respect the jailroles setting

  • Registration completely removed from the bot

  • Downloading videos with the /tv/ url will now work for ig links

  • Voicemaster will now filter vulgar & filtered words when creating a new channel or when attempting to rename the current channel

  • tts channel was also removed, as that command wasn't supposed to exist nor be public hence why it was never documented

  • Every pagination command are now buttons instead of reactions

  • Added word as an option for the filter snipe (type) command to no longer allow filtered words to be sniped

  • Lyrics command now uses Genius API instead of KSoft API

  • The confirmation for clearing names etc has changed to an "approve or decline" button embed

Bug fixes

  • Fixed level roles not syncing if levels stackroles was enabled

September, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Members can no longer manage permissions of a VoiceMaster channel that they created

Bug fixes

  • Instagram reposting fixed again

  • Fixed subreddit commands

  • Fixed setbanner for the boost updates

August, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added banner (user banner, like avatars)

  • Added boosterrole rename + boosterrole dominant

  • Added level leaderboard name - change the title of the leaderboard embed

  • Removed identify due to Microsoft killing their API

  • Added {} as a variable and increased cooldown to 260 seconds for extractemotes

  • Very tiny update like so small but u can do lower( lower( lower( now for lf mode, also upper() works for those three too

  • Using the {timestamp} parameter will now default to whatever your client's timezone is

  • New reposting feature - youtube shorts

    • Type bleed (youtube like here) to trigger it, the bot will delete your message so it doesn't do that ugly embed on mobile and PC, the event is called shorts, you can disable it by doing de (channel or 'all') shorts

  • Added support for the domain when downloading yt short video

Bug fixes

  • A huge leveling bug with roles not being given has been fixed

  • Small levels bug fixed where roles wouldn't assign if stackroles was off

  • Fixed levels sync not syncing with stackroles off

July, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added twitter reposting

    • The event is twitter if you wanna disable in your channels: de ('all' or #channel) twitter. You use it by typing bleed (tweet with the video here)

  • Autorole respects member screening

  • AFK event will only reply if one mention is in the message to prevent abuse against spam - AFK event has a 4.5 second cooldown now

  • Reaction history (reactionhistory) and statistics (membercount) will reset everyday at midnight (PST)

  • Bleed will no longer DM members if their account is not older than 3 days (it will be 1 day instead of 3 if they pass membership screening)

  • Bleed will no longer announce join/leave messages to channels if their account is not older/equal than/to 1 day old

  • Bleed will now respect the pending flag for join/leave messages to channels and join DMs

Bug fixes

  • Cleared membercount statistics to fix a bug with the timer not working properly

  • Instagram functions fixed again

Late June, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added github

  • Added twitch add

  • Added twitch remove

  • Added twitch list

  • Added twitch message

  • Added twitch message view

  • Added youtube add

  • Added youtube remove

  • Added youtube message

  • Added youtube message view

  • Added youtube list

  • Added --pingable flag to welcome and goodbye commands (so roles can be pinged now)

  • Added twitter color to change embed color for new tweets

  • Added subreddit color to change embed color for new posts

  • Added twitter message to add message content alongside the embed post (not embed code support)

  • Added subreddit message to add message content alongside the embed post (not embed code support)

  • Pagination for Lastfm Whoknows

  • 5 second cooldown added to cleverbot, instagram reposting and tiktok reposting per author

  • 2.5 second cooldown added to autoresponder per author

  • customcommand can now be set to anything. doesn't require "fm" or "end" at the end

  • customcommand can only be used by the author now. To make this command usable by anyone, you can do lastfm customcommand (fmhere) --public to make it usable by everyone, but passing the --public flag can only be used by the author if they have Manage Guild

  • A warning will be prompted when using unlock all if you haven't set up lockignore for read-only channels

  • TikTok reposting has support for the subdomain

  • Added lastfm customcommand public to toggle a specific fm public flag

  • Lyrics commands are now paginated

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Instagram command fixed

  • Vanity message not sending fixed for bleed dev

June 9, 2021


If you're using settings staff to whitelist members with a certain roles from getting filtered, please switch to using filter exempt (role) instead because settings staff is planned to be able to do more than just bypassing filter in future!

Remember, to see the syntax of these commands below - run help (command)

New additions / changes

  • Added instagram command

    • Added instagram reposting. Type "bleed (instagram post URL) (slide: number)" to trigger reposting

  • Added instagram event to disable reposting

  • Added tiktok command

  • Added tiktok reposting

    • Type "bleed (tiktok post URL)" to trigger reposting

  • Added tiktok event to disable reposting

  • Added cleverbot support

    • Type "bleed clever (random shit)" to talk to the bot

  • Added cleverbot event to disable cleverbot

  • Added automodmessage event to disable auto-mod messages

  • Added extractemotes (server owner only)

  • Added lastfm customreactions (donator only)

  • Added purge webhooks

  • Added error if author is missing permission to run command

    • Falls under the commandfailure event

  • Members with a staff role can now type in gallery channels

  • Added daily message and member join count to membercount

  • Added fakepermission add (server owner only)

    • Documentation added under Contents > List of fake permissions available

  • Added fakepermission remove (server owner only)

  • Added fakepermission list

  • Added a new loading default embed

  • Added cleargnames

  • Added filter exempt (proper command to bypass filter)

  • Added filter exempt list

  • Added filter nicknames exempt

  • Added filter nicknames list

  • Added filter caps exempt

  • Added filter caps exempt list

  • Added filter links exempt

  • Added filter links exempt list

  • Added filter emoji exempt

  • Added filter emoji exempt list

  • Added filter spoilers exempt

  • Added filter spoilers exempt list

  • Added filter selfbot exempt

  • Added filter selfbot exempt list

  • Added filter musicfiles exempt

  • Added filter musicfiles exempt list

  • Added filter massmention exempt

  • Added filter massmention exempt list

  • Added filter invites exempt

  • Added filter invites exempt list

  • Added filter spam exempt

  • Added filter spam exempt list

  • Added settings jailroles

    • If enabled, it will remove all roles from a member then return them when unjailed

  • Added vc as an alias for VoiceMaster commands

  • Added c as an alias for purge command

  • Added hex to get the most dominant color from an image

  • Added RGB and HSL values to color command

  • Added color random

  • Adjusted experience gain for leveling

  • Updated cooldown for experience gain to 65 seconds

  • Hardbans removed from the bot until further notice

  • VoiceMaster channel names cannot contain filtered words

  • Temporarily disabled minecraft (namemc) command

  • Temporarily disabled automatic crown claiming on lastfm update & set

  • Drastically improved the speed of indexing libraries

  • Rewrote twitter streaming and is now more stable

  • Rewrote subreddit streaming and is now more stable

  • Updated mc alias formembercount instead of minecraft

  • Removed nut ...

  • Removed all customtext commands and support

    • You can recreate what you did with custom text commands with autoresponder

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed jailed users to return roles through reaction roles

  • Fixed antinuke webhook punishing the wrong person who invited the potential nuking bot

  • Fixed subreddit add/remove commands allowing dumb subreddits

  • Fixed an awful bug making the bot go offline at midnight

  • Fixed duplicate entries on antiraid config

  • Fixed double sending for custom FMs

  • Typo on commands were corrected

  • Tons of other minor bugs fixed

April 28, 2021

New additions / Changes

theres a lot of new shit if you don't know what a command does: just run help (command here)

  • Added clearnames

  • Added history remove

  • Added history removeall

  • Added webhook group command

  • Added webhook create

  • Added webhook send

  • Added webhook edit

  • Added webhook remove

  • Added webhook list

  • Added settings lockignore group command

    • This is important for server owners so that when using unlock all, channels that you don't want being unlocked won't be unlocked accidentally by the bot.

  • Added settings lockignore add

  • Added settings lockignore remove

  • Added settings lockignore list

  • Added settings bandm, softbandm, kickdm, warndm ,jaildm, unjaildm

    • You can now customize your punishment messages for members and you can also view the new variables available for these commands under Embed code variables > Variables.

  • Added settings bandm view

  • Added settings softbandm view

  • Added settings kickdm view

  • Added settings warndm view

  • Added settings jaildm view

  • Added settings unjaildm view

  • Added settings joinmsg view

  • Added automessage group command

  • Added automessage add

  • Added automessage remove

  • Added automessage view

  • Added automessage list

  • Added reactionrole deleteall

  • Added reaction deleteall

  • Added previousreact deleteall

  • Added voicemaster category

  • Added voicemaster activity

    • Super cool feature, you can play games (or watch YouTube with others) inside your Discord client! Note that this feature isn't available on mobile at the moment.

  • Added inviteinfo

  • Added twitch (no, this isn't twitch notifications - planned in the future)

  • Added antiraid configuration

  • Added antinuke setvanity

    • This is important for selfbots that spam vanity changes, the bot will always change the vanity URL's back to the predefined vanity URL in case Discord's unstable audit logs returns None

  • Added voicemaster category

  • Added setupmute

    • Creates text, image, reaction mute roles for mass mute

  • mute all, imute all, rmute all will return roles on member join if the member left

  • Set a restriction on role add and role remove if a role being given is restricted per antinuke permissions settings (will prompt a message not allowing action)

  • Changed seticon, setbanner, setsplash, identify,lastfm urlto only take direct attachments/discord links due to a big security issue

  • Changed avatar embed design

  • Increased level experience gain drastically

  • Ban now works as hackban so you don't have to run a different command

    • If the member is not in server, it won't notify them

  • Hidden users on lastfm whoknows commands will no longer have a footer on those commands

  • Tags can no longer contain invite links unless you're an administrator

  • {} variable is now required for lastfm mode to prevent abuse

    • If you're caught abusing lastfm mode; your permissions will be revoked with no refund nor warning so don't be dumb!

  • Bleed now notifies administrators in a server that antinuke is enabled in

  • Donators can now use their discord username as a prefix in any server

    • Example: jon#1337 (bolded is the prefix)

  • Removed unban message for unban due to people exploiting it by spamming users PMs

  • Removed reinvite due to people exploiting it by spamming users PMs

  • Removed mcstatus since nobody literally uses it

  • copyembed now supports code for multiple embeds

Bug fixes

there were so many bug fixes that I can't list them all because I don't remember 60% of them

  • Fixed timers remove not working properly even though that shit was never announced but people found bugs with it anyways

  • Fixed prune upto somehow deleting messages in the channel that the command was ran in when a message link for a different channel was given

  • Fixed emoji information erroring if arguments not passed

  • Fixed not being able to join your own VoiceMaster channel

  • Fixed lastfm streak not working in rare situations

  • Fixed copyembed not extracting embed code properly

  • Fixed time period bugs with lastfm commands

  • Fixed whoknows commands randomly erroring

  • Fixed game for the millionth time

  • Fixed random database query errors

also if your booster roles aren't going to the right position on your server's role hierarchy, i don't know what to tell you because that's a discord issue which is beyond my control. bleed attemps twice to drag the role up incase it cant but discord is so unreliable when it comes to roles so idk


  • Command ideas from jason#4511

  • Level experience calculation & balancing by Slim#5639

April 3, 2021

New additions / Changes

slash commands will probably never come to bleed because of how many commands bleed has and the way we handle our arguments which slash commands heavily limit so :joy: :joy: and more antiraid and moderation stuff will be added next update (i think)

  • Added bots (list of bots in server)

  • Added settings goodbye view #channel

  • Added settings welcome view #channel

  • Added antiraid massjoin

  • Added antiraid newaccounts

  • Added antiraid defaultpfp

  • Added lastfm reaction as an alias for lastfm react

  • Added ag as an alias for avatar

  • Added ability to disable commands for specific users

    • Example: disablecommand @user ping

  • Added ability to enable commands for specific users

    • Example: enablecommand @user ping

  • Removed antiraid grantadmin

    • Merged with antiraid permissions grant administrator

  • Removed antiraid removeadmin

    • Merged with antiraid permissions remove administrator

  • Removed settings antiraid

    • Replaced with antiraid massjoin

  • Removed settings bannew

    • Replaced with antiraid newaccounts

  • settings autonick now has variable support

  • namemc now shows account's country and extra garbage

  • antinuke permissions grant ... now listens for manual role change

  • antinuke permissions remove ... now listens for manual role change

  • antinuke channel now listens for mass channel creation

  • userinfo now sends message instantly instead of waiting on to slowly return recent tracks information then editing the message once that information is received

  • Bot's library updated to latest version

Bug fixes

  • Fixed VoiceMaster channels not deleting

    • This was a bug on Discord's end and was beyond bleed's control

  • Fixed youtube failing to return results

  • Fixed lastfm youtubefailing to return results

  • Fixed namemc failing to execute command

  • Fixed gamefailing to execute command

March 28, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Removed annoying duplicate entries on dbree and lastfm dbree

  • role add and role remove respect antinuke permissions

  • Commands that contain typos will still run the command if reeditted to the proper command

  • The crown claim message on lastfm whoknows has been changed into an embed

  • Changed the way group commands effect other subcommands

    • If tags were disabled then all subcommands to that parent command would be disabled

  • Added voicemaster setup - create temporarily channels

  • Added voicemaster reset

  • Added voicemaster lock

  • Added voicemaster unlock

  • Added voicemaster name - rename vc name

  • Added voicemaster limit

  • Added voicemaster bitrate

  • Added voicemaster permit

  • Added voicemaster reject

  • Added voicemaster claim

  • Added voicemaster ghost

  • Added voicemaster unghost

  • Added pins archive - archive pins to set channel

  • Added pins channel - set archive channel for pins

  • Added pins unpin - unpin or pin during archive process

  • Added pins set - enable or disable archival system

  • Added pins config

  • Added pins reset

  • Added starboard color - set a default embed color

  • Added clownboard color - set a default embed color for posts

  • Added levels reset - to reset XP and levels

  • Added levels setrate - to set multiplier on XP gain

  • Added artist.plays variable for

  • Added boosterrole

  • Added boosterrole remove

  • Added settings baserole - need to set this for boosterrole

  • Added settings autonick

Bug fixes

  • Fix lastfm color not setting properly

  • Fix lastfm streak breaking in rare situations

  • Fix boosters lost not working properly

  • Fix starboard and clownboard config not showing the channel

  • Fix random error occurring once lastfm whoknows finished

March 21, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added antinuke vanity to protect your vanity URL from being stolen

    • No documentation for this as it's literally self explanatory

  • Added filter nickname to detect filtered words in display names

  • Added raid command to ban/kick latest members that joined in the past x mins/secs

March 15, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added lastfm streak

  • Added moderationhistory

    • Aliases: modhistory, mhistory

  • Added ab for command avatar

  • Added si for command serverinfo

  • Added inrole for command members

  • Added setrank for command setlevel

  • Redesigned embed for command userinfo

Bug fixes

  • Fixed settings bannew not disabling module

  • Fixed lastfm update, lastfm set getting stuck

March 13, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added setlevel

  • Added lastfm topserverartists, has a cooldown of 5 seconds

    • Aliases: lastfm tsa

  • Added lastfm dbree

    • Aliases: lastfm database, lastfm db

Bug fixes

  • A lot of small bug fixes that are too much to go over

  • Fixed autoresponder not working at all

March 9, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added antinuke config to view antinuke server configuration

    • Aliases: antinuke configuration, antinuke settings

  • Added antinuke admin to allow members to configure antinuke (i do not recommend)

  • Added antinuke admins to view the list of admins that can configure your antinuke

  • Added levels messages (on or off) to toggle level up messages for yourself only

  • Added lockdown all

  • Changed unlock all - must be use lockdown all for this command to work properly

  • Changed embed design of color

  • When library is finished updating on lastfm set, the first message will be edited when complete instead of deleting the initial message and sending another message

  • Added parameter --claim-crowns-only for lastfm update to only update crowns and playcount

  • Added lastfm recommend

  • Added settings imgonly - for image only channels

Bug fixes

  • Fixed tons of leveling bugs

  • Fixed lastfm library not clearing if account is removed

March 8, 2021

New additions / Changes

Leveling is here! Command is levels, aliases are level, rank

  • Full documentation for the level system can be found under Help > Commands > Levels

  • Level command: rank - view your current rank

  • Level command: levels add - add a level role

  • Level command: levels remove - remove a level role

  • Level command: levels lock - disable leveling system

  • Level command: levels unlock - enabled leveling system

  • Level command: levels sync - sync everyones level roles with their XP

  • Level command: levels messagemode - decide where you want lvl up msgs to go

  • Level command: levels message - set custom level up message (supports embed code)

    • Two new variables were added. Documentation found under Bot > Embed code.. > Variables

  • Level command: levels leaderboard - view server highest ranking members

  • Level command: levels stackroles - decide to stack leveling roles or not

  • Level command: levels config - view overall level configuration

  • Level command: levels roles - view all available server level roles

  • Level command: levels ignore - ignore a channel or add a no-xp role

  • Level command: levels list - view disabled channels and roles

  • Level command: setxp - set (NOT GIVE) experience to a user

  • Level command: removexp - remove experience from a user

Make sure that you have the required permission for the commands above by running: help (command)!

  • Added firstmessage, alias firstmsg

  • Added pin (message link or none for latest message)

  • Updated lastfm playsall to fetch track plays from database instead of requesting data from which overall saves us requests and makes the command 100x faster

Bug fixes

  • Fixed library indexing getting stuck or breaking sometimes

March 1, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Now using information from nowplaying to update libraries

  • Now using information from lastfm topartists to update libraries

  • Now using information from lastfm topalbums to update libraries

  • Now using information from lastfm toptracks to update libraries

February 26, 2021

Level system otw

New additions / Changes

  • Added antinuke webhook to delete spam pinging webhooks

    • Documentation has been added for this under Help > Commands > Antinuke

  • If any antinuke module is triggered by a bot, antinuke botadd will be automatically enabled to make sure that no bots join back unless whitelisted by the server owner

  • libraries will now store artist/track/album playcounts with 2 instead of 3

  • Added settings boosts add (channel) (embed code or text)

    • New variables for this specific event have been documented under Bot > Embed... > Variables

  • Added settings boosts remove (channel)

  • Added settings boosts list

  • tts command has been redone and now takes parameters for custom voices

    • A list of available voices for the voice parameter can be found under Help > Contents

Bug fixes

  • tonefixed

  • ttsfixed againnnnnn

  • osunot allowing a different game mode fixed

February 24, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added osu to view profile statistics

  • Added reverseimage to use Google's reverse image searching

  • Added antinuke permissions (grant or remove) (permission name)

    • Documentation has been added for this under Help > Commands > Antinuke

  • Command youtube speed has been improved, thanks bela

  • Library will now update after a command is ran if not indexed or haven't indexed manually as opposed to having to wait for the indexing to finish for the command to execute

  • If a bot is used to nuke a server and triggers the antinuke, the bot will attempt to find the member who invited the malicious nuking bot then proceed to ban that member

  • antinuke removeadmin no longer works for reverting permission change

    • Using antinuke permissions remove administrator will restore this feature

  • antinuke grantadmin no longer works for reverting permission change

    • Using antinuke permissions grant administrator will restore this feature

Bug fixes

  • Fixed artist libraries not automatically updating properly

  • tenor returning random errors has now been fixed

  • google returning errors on cards has been fixed

  • tts has been fixed for the like millionth time

February 22, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Only artists/albums/tracks with 3 plays or more are stored for your library

    • This will explain why your plays may show up as zero on whoknows commands

  • No longer allowing image parameter for lastfm mode

  • Error messages now have codes to keep track of problems

    • Feel free to join our Discord Server and report any problems by providing the error code

  • spotifytrack and lastfm spotify now only return the most popular track's link

  • Added CPU percentage and Memory usage to about

  • Added ability to force remove entries for certain commands by typing select:id_here

    • List of commands that support this and documentation added under Help > Contents

Run down over problems causing downtime/slowness

I don't know why but all of these problems decided to randomly just pop up at the same time which just caused a lot of issues and just stress. However, these issues below are solved and there should be no more new problems that will cause downtime or high latency issues.

  • server hardware needed upgrade and couldn't keep up with bleed demand aka couldnt keep up with the spam of whoknows commands - solved by upgrading/getting a new powerful server

  • DNS on new server randomly breaking/web requests failing most of the time - solved by changing current DNS to google DNS

  • bot being slow cause of all large queries on whoknows commands - solved by creating DB indexes

February 21, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added lastfm hide to hide people on whoknows commands

  • Added lastfm globalwhoknows - cooldown: 5 seconds

    • Aliases for this command: globalwk, gwk

  • Added lastfm globalwktrack- cooldown: 5 seconds

    • Aliases for this command are: globalwkt, gwkt

  • Added lastfm globalwkalbum - cooldown: 5 seconds

    • Aliases for this command are: globalwka, gwka

Bug fixes

  • Fixed serverinfo erroring when server has no design

  • Fixed web requests timing out

February 20, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Bleed's server moved to a new host

  • Cooldown removed for lastfm whoknws

  • Cooldown removed for lastfm wktrack

  • Cooldown removed for lastfm wkalbum

February 20, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Enabled subreddit streaming again

  • Enabled lastfm wktrack - cooldown is removed and response is now instant

  • Enabled lastfm wkalbum - cooldown is removed and response is now instant

  • Enabled lastfm whoknows - cooldown is removed and response is now instant

  • Added lastfm update to update your library (this will also automatically claim crowns for you)

  • Your library will be automatically updated every 24 hours if not done manually

  • Running a command after this update will automatically store your library

  • Cooldown of 30 seconds added to lastfm set and lastfm update

  • Libraries of all registered users will be cleared every 32 days

Bug fixes

  • High latency issues should now be resolved and everything should be smooth again

February 18, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Default incorrect syntax embed has a new design

  • Removed es as an alias for editsnipe due to accidental use

  • Temporarily disabled subreddit streaming & commands due to causing high latency issues

  • The message for when antiraid is triggered has been changed to give more clear instructions to moderators on what to do when the server is locked down

  • Responses to commands will now be a reply Reverted due to discord APi being too buggy

  • Added filter snipe to prevent certain content to not be allowed in snipe

    • Added documentation for this under Help > Commands > Filter

  • Added emoji, same thing as jumbo

  • Added emoji add, same thing as addemote

  • Added emoji delete

  • Added emoji information, same thing as steal

  • Added purge bots to purge messages from bots,

  • Added bc as a shortcut for purge bots to purge faster

    • Note that this shortcut will not be documented anywhere

  • Added purge humans to purge messages from humans

February 16, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added setbanner

  • Added setsplash

  • Added seticon

February 15, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added new message variable for message content outside of an embed

    • This variable is not available for lastfm mode nor pagination

    • Added documentation for this variable under Bot > Embed code variables > Parameters

  • Added pagination delete to entirely delete a paginated embed

  • Added pagination restorereactions

  • Added pagination rr as an alias for pagination restorereactions

  • Removed delete, del as an alias for pagination remove

February 12, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added steal

  • Added editsnipe again

February 10, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Improved lastfm collage, collages should load more often now

  • The max column & row number has been set to 20 for lastfm collage

  • Upgraded server hardware

  • Stabilized & optimized certain tasks

  • the bot has two legs and can move

  • pronouns are he/him, obviously a human

January 26, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added filter reset to clear filtered words

Bug fixes

  • Removed extra space being added to filtered word when passing parameter

January 22, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Deleted messages are stored in a database for snipe (only the latest deleted message stored then its overwritten)

January 20, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • If antinuke grantadmin is enabled, any role with Administrator permission that is given to a user will be removed from the user

  • If antinuke removeadmin is enabled, any role with Administrator permission that is removed from a user will be added back to the user

  • Added reasons to actions done by antinuke

  • Paginated members

January 19, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • Added confirmation to change role color for role topcolor to prevent accidental role color change

  • Added confirmation to delete role for role delete to prevent accidental role delete

  • Added confirmation to ban boosters for ban to prevent loss of server boosts

  • Added confirmation to ban boosters for softban to prevent loss of server boosts

  • Added confirmation to kick boosters for kick to prevent loss of server boosts

  • history will now pull up moderation logs for users who are no longer in the server

  • Changed permission for slowmode on from Manage Messages to Manage Channels

  • Changed permission for slowmode off from Manage Messages to Manage Channels

  • Finished adding information for commands under the moderation module

January 18, 2021

New additions / Changes

  • clearinvites added (includes --unbans parameter to only prune unban invites)

  • Changed permission from Manage Guild to Administrator for pagination reset

  • Starboard and Clownboard no longer listens to ignored/blacklisted users

  • help searching restored with more information and new embed

  • gnames and names is more efficient now

  • Removed cooldown on pagination list

  • snipe now shows deleted images

  • Added new variable {user.artist_crown}

  • Added [remind list|reminders]

  • Added remind remove (id)

  • Added reinvite (user id)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed variable {user.badges_icons} not showing proper emotes

  • Fixed lastfm youtube not gathering results

  • Fixed youtube not gathering results

  • Fixed Starboard and Clownboard

Last updated