Getting started with bleed

Learn how to set up bleed bot in your server or enhance your everyday use with commands & more. By default, in a server with bleed, the prefix for the bot is a comma (",").

Connecting your account

Setting up your account with bleed is super straight-forward is simple. All you have to do is simply run the following command while providing your correct username:
// syntax
lastfm set (username)
// example
lastfm set b
The command above will successfully connect your account to the bot.

Already have your account registered?

You will be prompted with the following message that informs you that if you agree to changing your username, crowns and any other data that was stored with your username before username change will be wiped from the bot's database.

Why does the bot say that my username is not a valid account?

If you are prompted with a message like the one above, then it literally means exactly what it means. The username you are trying to set with the bot is not a valid account. You have to go to and register your own account then set your account's username with the bot.
If you already have your account linked with bleed and want to unlink it & remove your library's data from our services, you can simply run lastfm set none to remove all of your data.

What can I do after connecting my account?

Most users always run the command nowplaying to share the song that they are currently listening to and usually users frequently will run commands that will share their music statistics from their library.

Errors with when performing commands

Common/known issues and answers

  • nowplaying showing the wrong song: If this happens, it usually means that your library isn't being updated or you aren't correctly scrobbling anything.
  • lastfm tar, tab, ttr, etc returning no result: Either your account is brand new and you don't have any songs scrobbled yet or is currently having an outage/bugging out temporarily.
  • service backend service failed: this is not a bot error, this is a LAST.FM error, this is not under the bot's control what so ever - is not a service created or owned by bleed/jon errors and bot errors are two different things. A bot error will not contain a "" prefix at the start of an error message - errors cannot be naturally fixed by the bot.

Setting up the moderation system

As soon as you invite the bot to a server that it's never been in before - you'll need to set up something pretty straight-forward to use moderation commands, especially jail, for your community server.

Run the following command


Result after executing the command

You'll instantly notice that two new channels were created titled jail-log and jail which will appear at the top of your channel list for those with the administrator permission except that it will remain hidden for those who do not have the administrator permission.
and you'll also see that a new role was also created named jailed.
You should see that in all channels, excluding the jail channel, a new permission for the jailed role has been added that denies the jailed role from View Channel, Send Messages, and Read Message History. The opposite of the permissions for those channels will be set for the jail channel.
Getting an error during the set up? You probably already have these channels or role created which are interfering with the setup. To solve this, try deleting roles named "jailed" and deleting any channel named "jail-log" and "jail" then run the command again.

What are the two channels and jailed role for?

The first channel jail-log is used for logging moderation actions, such as bans, hackbans, unbans, kicks, warns, jails, unjails, lockdowns and unlockdowns, where you can always view at any time if a moderator in your server has punished somebody else, and usually you'll have a reason there. The second channel jail is where members of your server that will be sent to, if they were jailed by a moderator. Usually, they'll only be able to see the jail channel and won't have access to any other channels as long as all permissions are set up correctly.
Lastly, the new jailed role is used by the bot to properly jail members when the command is executed. Importantly, you must ensure that this role remains titled "jailed", this is not dynamic - a new role cannot be set for the jail system except the one that is created for you during the moderation set up.

I want to set the jail channel or jail-log channel to a different channel - how can I do that?

Unlike the jailed role that is forced to remain the same, you are allowed to set your own channels for both of the channels that are used by the moderation system. You can do this by running one or both of the following commands below:
// set a new channel that is used by moderation system
settings jail #channel
settings jail-log #channel
// remove a channel from being used by moderation system
settings jail
settings jail-log
As shown above, you are also allowed to remove the channel by simply not providing a target channel, but this is highly not suggested as the bot essentially relies on these two channels unless you don't plan to use any of the moderation commands/features ever.