Bleed Vanity

Bleed Vanity is a feature which allows server owners who have Level 3 boost (14 boosts) to reward members with a role for representing their server's vanity url in the members Discord status. Server owners will need to create a role to be given to those who have the vanity in their discord status, as well as a channel to log who adds/deletes the vanity from their status.

Bleed's vanity features are hosted on a seperate bot than the main Bleed bot, and is controlled entirely by slash commands. Bleed Vanity's Discord username is bleed vanity#2079 and can be added to any server that is whitelisted for use with the main bot. If the server isn't whitelisted, has less than 14 boosts. or is not configured in time the bot will leave.

vanity set

This command will set the vanity substring that bleed vanity will moniter user's statuses for.

// setting the vanity link
/vanity set [substring]
/vanity set bleed

// checking the current substring set
/vanity view substring

vanity role add

This command sets the role that will be added to a member when they add your vanity to their status.

// setting the role to be given
/vanity role add [role]
/vanity role add @/bleed

// removing the role
/vanity role remove [role]
/vanity role remove @/bleed

// checking the role set
/vanity role list

vanity log channel

This command sets the logging channel. It will send a brief embed detailing when a user adds/removes your vanity from their status.

// setting a log channel
/vanity log channel [channel]
/vanity log channel #logs

//removing the channel
/vanity log channel

vanity award channel

Sets the channel where bleed's thank you messages will be sent.

// setting an award channel
/vanity award channel [channel]
/vanity award channel #supporters

//removing the channel
/vanity award channel

vanity message

Sets the thank you message bleed will send in the award channel. Can be raw text or embed code.

// setting a raw text message
/vanity message {user.mention} thanks for repping!

// setting an embed message
/vanity message {embed}$v{description: {user.mention} thanks for repping!}

// checking the message set
/vanity view message

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