Reaction Roles

Reaction roles are used to have bleed give a member a role when they react to a message with a certain reaction. This can be used for verification, self roles, colour roles, and much more.

reactionrole add


This command is used to setup a reaction role. For this command, you will require a pre-sent message to attach the reactions to - this can be raw text or an embed. For help creating an embed, refer to the embeds section of this documentation.

Usage example

// adding a reaction role to a message
,reactionrole add [message link] [reaction] [role]
,reactionrole add :tick: @member

// removing a reaction role from a message 
,reactionrole remove [message link] [reaction] [role]
,reactionrole remove :tick: @member

reactionrole removeall


This command is used to remove all reaction roles from a message. It saves you from removing each one by itself

Usage example

// removing all reaction roles
,reactionrole removeall [message link]
,reactionrole removeall

reactionrole reset

This command will reset ALL reaction roles in a guild. It will ask for confirmation after running it to ensure it was not run on accident.

reactionrole list

This command will list all currently setup reaction roles in a guild.

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