Antinuke is triggered by a threshold set per user. Something to always note is that your threshold should never exceed a high value - your threshold should be set between 1-6 if you really want antinuke to work properly.

You should also keep in mind that whitelisting a member in your server will exempt the member from triggering antiraid - meaning they can just nuke your server and easily get away with it. Please whitelist members that you feel truly confident in whitelisting.

Note that server owner is the only one who can use these antinuke commands, otherwise antinuke would be very flawed and would have too many obvious loopholes.





Certain punishment on trigger


Threshold to trigger antinuke


Detect nuke through bleed itself (cmds)

Review the contents of each antinuke subcommand to see what parameters are supported for each command. All parameters above are not just available to every subcommand.

List of available punishments

Click the following link and scroll down to the "List of parameter punishments" section:


Usage examples

//antinuke examples w/ parameters
antinuke role on --do ban --threshold 2 --command on
antinuke channel on --do stripstaff --threshold 2

//antinuke setting to remove bots & whitelist
antinuke botadd on
antinuke whitelist (a bot user id to join)
antinuke whitelist (a guild member id to not be triggered by antinuke)

//antinuke setting to prevent administrator being granted to roles
antinuke grantadmin on
//antinuke setting to prevent administrator being removed from roles
antinuke removeadmin off

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