antinuke permissions


Using this command, you can prevent dangerous permissions from being granted or removed to roles. This way any nukers will not be able to grant admin to other roles while lowering the successful rate of their nuke. This can also deny a permission being removed incase the nuking member plans to revoke permissions of those who could potentially stop the nuking.

Server owners can always use antinuke permissions list to see the current permissions being monitored in their server

What does 'grant' do in practice and mean in the syntax?

If you enable an option like this antinuke permissions grant ..., it'll prevent that specific permission from being added to other roles to prevent dangerous permissions being spread to other members. As soon as a member adds this permission to a role, it will be reverted and the server owner will be alerted.

What does 'remove' do in practice and mean in the syntax?

Just as described in the paragraph above, it works the same way - vice versa. Permissions will not be allowed to be removed from an member and will alert the server owner that this was attempted.

List of dangerous permissions available




Every permission


Manage channels (delete/edit/etc)


Manage roles (add/delete/etc)


Manage emojis, stickers, soundboard items (role/add)


Manage webhooks (add/delete/edit)


Manage server information


Manage other members nickname


Kick members


Ban members


Mention @everyone and @here


Ability to view server audit log

Usage examples

//revert permission addition to role
antinuke permissions grant manage_roles
antinuke permissions grant administrator

//revert permission removal from role
antinuke permissions remove manage_roles
antinuke permissions remove administrator

//disable logging and reversal for permissions
run the same command that you ran initially to enable this feature

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