antiraid massjoin


If five (default) or more members join a server (with antiraid enabled) within 1.61 seconds, every channel will be locked by setting each channel's Send Messages permission for @everyone to be denied. This way nobody will be allowed to send messages. Using this antiraid will make any sort of a verification system pointless as antiraid will handle any massive bot raids.

Any role that is granted upon join (due to autorole or reaction roles) with the Send Messages permission granted in a channel will override how channels are locked by the antiraid system - ultimately making the antiraid system pointless, so please remove anything that can interfere.

What do I do if my antiraid is triggered?

In practice, you should immediately make sure that your channels are locked and no role is overriding the permission to lock channels. Next you should check how long ago the members joined then run the following command to remove all raiders who joined in the past x minutes or seconds:

raid 30s [kick or ban] [reason here]
raid 15m [kick or ban] [reason here]

Note that the command above does require the Ban Member permission to be executed.



Default Value




Certain punishment on trigger



Threshold to trigger antiraid

List of parameter punishments

Click the following link and scroll down to the "List of parameter punishments" section:


Usage examples

//enable antiraid
antiraid massjoin on --do kick --threshold 3

//disable antiraid
antiraid massjoin off

//unlock channels automatically when antiraid is active
unlock all

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