Starboard / Clownboard

Starboards and Clownboards are used to have bleed repost messages that have hit a certain amount of a certain reaction to a channel of your choice. Both starboards and clownboards use the exact same commands for configuration, you just add starboard for starboard and clownboard for clownboard. Examples will be provided.

starboard unlock

Used to unlock and lock your starboard, this command is useful for temporarily blocking new starred posts. It is automatically set to locked.

// unlocking a starboard
,starboard unlock

// locking a clownboard
,clownboard lock

If your starboard isn't working, you most likely have it locked!

starboard set

This command is used to set the channel that starred messaeges will be reposted to.

// setting a starboard
,starboard set #stars

// setting a clownboard
,clownboard set #idiots

starboard threshold

This command is used to set how many reactions it takes for a message to be reposted.

// setting a star threshold
,starboard threshold 6

// setting a clown threshold
,clownboard threshold 2

starboard emoji

This command is used to change what reactions are needed for a message to be reposted.

// setting a starboard emoji
,starboard emoji :stars:

// setting a clownboard emoji
,clownboard emoji :clown:
Simple starboard setup

starboard jumpurl

Configures if a URL leading to the original message will be displayed on the starboard.

// enabling jumpurl
,starboard jumpurl true

// disabling jumpurl
,clownboard jumpurl false

starboard channel

Ignores a channel from the starboard.

// ignoring a channel
,starboard channel #staff

// viewing all blacklisted channels
,starboard channel list

Don't confuse this with starboard set.

starboard timestamp

Configures if timestamps will be shown on the starboard.

// enabling timestamp
,starboard timestamp true

// disabling timestamp
,clownboard timestamp false

starboard selfstar

This command allows you to toggle self reactions counting towards the overall threshold. With it enabled, a user can star their own message to get it on the starboard.

// enabling selfstar
,starboard selfstar true

// disabling selfstar
,clownboard selfstar false

starboard role

Makes bleed consider only messages from those with a whitelisted role eligible for the starboaard.

// allowing only staff members to have their messages reposted to the starboard
,starboard role @mods

// viewing all whitelisted roles
,starboard role list

starboard color

This sets the deafult colour for the starboard embeds.

// setting with a hex code
,starboard color #cf7c08

//setting with a name
,clownboard color black

starboard attachments

Change if attachments will be shown on the starboard or not.

// enabling attachments
,starboard attachments true

// disabling attachments
,clownboard atttachments false

starboard reset

Hard resets all starboard configuration in the guild.

// resetting starboard
,starboard reset

// resetting clownboard
,clownboard reset

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