Voicemaster is Bleed's solution to temporary voice channels. Whenever a user joins the join to create VC, they get a custom vc created which they 'own' and can control certain things such as who is allowed to join. VC's can be controlled with the buttons attached to the interface or through commands. Setup is incredibly easy and will be shown below.

voicemaster setup

This command is all that's required to set up voicemaster. It will create a new category with the interface text channel with the voicemaster interface automatically posted in, and the join to create voice channel which is used to create new temporary VC's for users.

Voicemaster control commmands

Each of the buttons on the interface (example displayed above) also has a command varient for ease of use. All these commands with the exeption of voicemaster claim require you to be the owner of the VC. Command with an * do not have a button on the interface.


,voicemaster lock

Locks your voice channel and prevents other users from joining.

Users with the administrator permission and the server owner will not be affected.

,voicemaster unlock

Unlocks your voice channel.


,voicemaster ghost

Locks and hides your voice channel so other members cannot join it or see it in the channel list.

Requires an active tier 2 donator subscription.

,voicemaster reveal

Unhides and unlocks your voice channel.

Requires an active tier 2 donator subscription.

,voicemaster permit*

Allows a member to join your server, and gives them the required permissions if it has been locked or hidden.


,voicemaster reject*

Disconnects a member from your vc and renders them unable to rejoin.

Users with the administrator permission and the server owner will be able to rejoin.

,voicemaster claim

Makes you the owner of a voicemaster channel that does not have an owner inside.

Anyone connected to the channel can run this command when there is no owner

,voicemaster transfer*

Transfers ownership of your voice channel to another connected user.


,voicemaster info

Shows the configuration of the current voice channel.


,voicemaster limit

Sets the member limit for your voice channel.

The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 99.

,voicemaster bitrate*

Sets the bitrate for the voice channel.

The minimum is 8 and the maximum is 384.

,voicemaster rename*

Renames your voice channel.


,voicemaster music

Sets the voice channel to music only.

Will mute the members in your voice channel.

voicemaster role

This command sets a role to be automatically assigned to members who join your voicemaster channel. It will be removed upon them leaving the VC. This command is not included in the above table as it requires manage roles.

// usage example
,voicemaster role @movie night

voicemaster category

This changes the deafult category new voicemaster channels are sent to. The deafult is the same category as the join to create VC.

// usage example
,voicemaster category 1176141349494464642

voicemaster defaultbitrate

Edits the default bit rate of all new voicemaster channels.

// usage example
,voicemaster deafultbitrate 80

voicemaster default role

Sets the role to be given when a user joins any voicemaster channel and removed when they leave a voicemaster channel.

// usage example
,voicemaster default role @movie night

voicemaster defaultname

Sets the default name of all newly created voicemaster channels.

// usage example
,voicemaster defaultname {user.mention}'s custom vc

voicemaster reset

Resets all existing voicemaster configuration.

// usage example
,voicemaster reset

This will also delete the join to create voice channel, the interface channel, and the voice channels category created on setup!

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