Uses and variables for bleed's pagination feature.

Using pagination, you can combine multiple embeds into one by adding them on as pages. Users can swap between pages with arrow reactions under the embed.

pagination set

This command sets up an embed for pagination, allowing pages to be added.

Syntax: ,pagination set (message link)
Example: ,pagination set

pagination add

This command adds a paginated page onto an embed.

Syntax: ,pagination add (message link) <embed code>
Example: ,pagination add {embed}

pagination remove

This command will remove a singular page from a paginated embed.

Syntax: ,pagination remove (message link) (page number)
Example: ,pagination remove 3

pagination update

This command will update a paginated page in an embed.

Syntax: ,pagination update (message link) (page id) (embed code)
Example: ,pagination update 3 {embed}

pagination delete

This command will entirely delete a paginated embed.

Syntax: ,pagination delete (message link)
Example: ,pagination remove

pagination reset

This command resets ALL paginated embeds in a guild.

Syntax: ,pagination reset

pagination list

This command lists all active paginations.

Syntax: ,pagination list

pagination restorereactions

This command will readd the arrow emojis used to scroll between pages in case they have been deleted.

Syntax: ,pagination restorereactions (message link)
Example: ,pagination restorereactions

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