You can use webhooks to send embeds in your server with a customised avatar and name, and you can also attach multiple embeds at once.

webhook create

This command will have bleed create a new webhook that it can manage. You can't use pre existing webhooks to send content, they have to be created and managed by bleed. Upon running this command, bleed will send you a unique identifier for that webhook. This is used to send content to the webhook, and you cannot use that webhook without the indentifier. Keep it in a safe space.
Example of creating a webhook and a webhook identifier.
If you forget the identifier, you can use the ,webhook list command to show all your server's bleed-managed webhooks.

webhook send

This is the command you use to send content through the webhook.

Sending raw text through the webhook.

To send an embed through the webhook, you should start off with {embed}$v and then paste in or write the rest of your embed code.

Sending an embed through a webhook.

Finally, to add a second embed, you would use the --add parameter.

Sending an embed with a second attached.

To customise your webhooks profile picture, head to server settings > integrations and find your webhook.

webhook edit

Use this command to edit any existing message from a webhook - either embeds or raw text.
// usage example
,webhook edit [message link] [new message content]
,webhook edit Welcome to the server.

webhook delete

This command can delete any bleed managed embeds in your guild.
// usage example
,webhook delete [identifier]
,webhook delete fj1xjud
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