Moderating chats or censoring messages can be difficult, but now you can use bleed to automatically censor messages in channels. You can filter certain words such as slurs (or whatever it may be) to censor foul language. However, filtering words isn't the only thing you can do - see underneath this section a variety of certain modules that you can enable.
Importantly, you should know that filtering words is not perfect - malicious members in your server can get around your filter list by simply modifying the way of how a filtered word is spelt in order to bypass the filter system. Unfortunately, your only solution is having to add variants of filtered words to prevent this and having moderators look over your chats.


Certain punishment on filter
Threshold to trigger filter
Doesn't filter a certain link
Review the contents of each filter subcommand to see what parameters are supported for each command. All parameters above are not just available to every subcommand.

List of available punishments

Click the following link and scroll down to the "List of parameter punishments" section:

Usage examples

//filter add
filter add dumbhead --do ban
//filter update
filter update dumbhead --do warn
//filter remove
filter remove dumbhead
//filter examples w/ parameters
filter links all on --threshold 2 --whitelist,
filter massmention all on --do ban --threshold 12
filter selfbot #general on --do kick
filter links all off
filter massmention all off
filter selfbot #general off