Booster Roles

Booster roles allow your members to create a custom role for themselves through bleed as a reward for boosting your server.

Settings baserole


This command is how you setup the whole booster role system. A servers baserole is where all booster roles will go underneath - for example, you could set the baserole as your lowest staff role so boosters can create their own role just under staff.

This is required. Without a baserole, this system will not function. You can also simply disable booster roles by deleting the baserole.

Usage example

// setting a baserole with id
,settings baserole 1101897910741897267

//setting a baserole with a mention
,settings baserole @helper



This is the command that boosters can use to create their booster role. Bleed will create the role and automatically place it under the baserole you selected earlier.

Usage example

// creating a boosterrole with just a hex code
,boosterrole #e91e63

// creating a boosterrole with a colour and name
,boosterrole #e91e63 cool

// creating a boosterrole with a random colour
,boosterrole random

// creating a boosterrole with the dominant colour in your avatar
,boosterrole dominant

If no name is specified, bleed will create the boosterrole with your username.

Boosterrole icon


This command is used to assign a role icon to a boosterrole. It is used in the same format as the role icon command

Usage example

// adding a role icon
,boosterrole icon :frog:

Boosterrole cleanup


Server managers can use this command to purge all boosterroles without a member currently in them.

Boosterrole award


This command will set a specific role to be given to all members who boost. This role will be automatically assigned to all members who boost the server.

Usage example

// adding a booster award with id
,boosterrole award 1101897910741897267

// adding a booster award with mention
,boosterrole award @immune

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