Counters are dynamic channels that display statistics about your server though the name of the channel, such as a voice channel that is named with the current member count of the server. You are not limited to just the member count, there is a range of statistics that you can choose to setup and display to server members.

counter add


This is the command used to setup counters. Bleed will instantly create the requested counter upon running the command.

// adding a member count voice channel
,counter add members vc

//adding a boost counter text channel
,counter add boosts text


This is a list of all possible statistics arguments that can be used:

  • members

  • users_only

  • bots_only

  • pending_members

  • all_channels

  • text_channels

  • voice_channels

  • categories

  • announcement_channels

  • staging_channels

  • boosts

  • booster_count

This is a list of all possible channel type arguments that can be used:

  • voice

  • text

  • category

  • announce

  • stage

counter remove


This command is used to deactivate or delete currently setup counters.

Usage example:

// deactivating a couneter
,counter remove #members

//deleting a counter 
,counter remove #members delete

counter list

This command is used to list all currently active counters.

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